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Sons and Daughters of Africa (SADA) Africa Union (AU), founded to promote Africa, African descendants, is a membership organization. SADA was organized on August 29, 1970. It is a District of Columbia Non profit Tax Exempt 501 (C )(3) Corporation. It is organized to help Africans to accept their realities and to work to change some of our realities and for non Africans to understand and help Africa, Africans and African leadership. This organization is created also to raise the level of consciousness of African descendants to one of self-consciousness and self-knowledge of the creator of the African race and the other races of mankind. It is self-evident that all the races in the world are the creations of God. We, the descendants of Africa Race will never allow the Caucasian race or any other race to turn the African race into chattels nor perpetual consumers. After 400 years of separation, there is a need to begin to develop feelings, concern and respect for ourselves and humanity. This calls for the re-unification of Africans in the continent and Africans in the Diaspora as a condition precedent, a requirement in the mastery of our development as a people. We will mobilize all Africans for the purpose of becoming producers of goods and services and to improve the physical and spiritual conditions of all African people through the study and the restoration of African personality, values, culture, history and ways of life in order to improve the peoples' activities.

Africa must unite, and Africans must unite.

On African Unity

The federalist papers made it possible for the unification of American states into the United States of America. Facts and issues presented in these papers are also relevant to the unification of Africa into United States( or Nations ) of Africa. Click Here For The Federalist Papers

Economic Policy and Programs:

The genius, Ray Charles once said that “ we are supposed to have something before we can get something, how do you get the first is a mystery to me”. How do we Afrakans become producers instead of remaining perpetual consumers? The answer lies in our understanding of brother Ray’s understanding of Capitalism.

Dual Citizenship:

Dual citizenship is a concept and application of one person belonging to two or more countries. This concept is more important to SADA because it enables many diasporan Afrakans to claim any Afrakan country as their home. The opening of ex-change of resources, information, and dialogue will help unify us as a world community. Many Afrakan countries have stated that they welcome diasporan Afrakans as their own citizens. (back to top)

Reparations: What is the European Compunctions for the Afrakan holocaust victims?

The estimated number of Afrakans that was forcibly uprooted from their homeland is estimated between 45,000,000 – 200,000,000. European quest for world domination and power helped to create one of the greatest atrocities known in the annals of history. The triangular slave trade, as it was called, deliberately uprooted Afrakans from their homeland and sold them as chattel. Consequently, Europeans were able to use slave labor to develop their own nations while they stripped the Afrakan continent of its most valued resource, people. We, the Sons and Daughters of Afraka are demanding that the United States government and European Union: atone, repent, repair and redress the evils of their fore-fathers and mothers.

Atone: to make amends for an offense; the reconciliation of God and man; to ask for forgiveness

Repent: to feel regret for one’s sins; sorrow for wrong done; contrition; penitence

Repair: to fix; to make right; improve condition of state of quality of being

Redress: to deliver from wrong, injury, or oppression; removal of oppressive burdens

Reparations for the descendants of Afraka through out the world commonly called Negro, colored, Afrakan-American, Black, etc.), the slave labor, humanity, culture legacies, names, language, etc. was forcibly taken by demand by white captive slave-owners; the United States Constitution legitimized enslaving Afrakans, therefore, the United States Constitution cannot be the means to free or pay reparations to Afrakans through out the world. Reparation is the DEMAND by the descendants of Afraka on the government of the United States of America and it’s individual white men, women and children and all others of the free structure and their heirs following in interest, inheritance, use and benefit through succession for payment and return and restoring and taking back, for damage, hurt, harm, injury, loss, and wrong, in the forms of: Land, Gold, Mineral, Money, Labor, Services, Goods, and Life.

Re-kindle our Africanity

We will strive to re-kindle our Africanity in other to actualize our true-selves in the world community. We are aware that the accumulated consciousness of Negroness in all Afrakans and psychosis of mental slavery which birthed the ruthlessness in many of our people. We believe that our people are capable of doing things in our own ways and so we call on all the descendants of Afraka to join SADA, and non-Afrakans; Europeans, North and South Americans, Jews and Arabs, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, the United Nations, World Band and the International Monetary Systems to support us to overcome our plight. (back to top)

SADA Concept:

The concept of SADA is to be taught to all Afrakans. In fact, when all Afrakans become aware of their individual roles, that will be when we as a people can play a meaningful roles in the world community. Each member can then teach the concept of Africanity or Africanization to at least 12 or more other Afrakans, and eventually to all the whole world of Afrakan people. (back to top)

400 Years of Experience for Mother Afraka:

For us we have to develop Mother Afraka for all Afrakans at home and abroad. To do that we have to understand the state in which the Afrakan is in wherever she/he may be. We must combine the 400 years of experience that the Afrakans in America have acquired from the white Americans, and the landmass of continental Afraka plus lands occupied by Afrakans in the world community. The world community must know that the condition of the Afrakan is in fact a disgrace to the family of God and all effort must be made to help restore the Afrakan to his/her proper state of mind. (back to top)

Africanization Society:

To help us understand the concept of Africanity and the Africanization society, every Afrakan desirous of joining SADA will work to grasp the knowledge of:

  1. The knowledge of Ausar “God” in order to know yourself.
  2. The role of our ancestors in our daily lives.
  3. The personal and collective responsibility we have to the Afrakan Race.
  4. The share common sense of peace, prosperity, and good will to all humanity. (back to top)


The main objective of the R.O.O.T.S. program is manifested in the program name: Reclaiming our own thru study. The “own” referred to is: (1) Knowledge of Self (2) Cultural Heritage (3) Nation Building Skills.

When the OMOWALE (Afrakan consciousness Awakened) have reclaimed their own, they are obligated to perpetuate this knowledge thru continued study and practice.

Therefore, in keeping with the basic tenets of consciousness awakening, the R.O.O.T.S. program endeavors to reach the following goals, i.e. The James R. Flaberty’s (back to top)


To know who Ausar (God) is, you must know thy self.
Love yourself first…. For no one is greater than you.
Develop your spiritual beliefs to the highest possible plane possible.
Develop knowledge of your heritage…to know your past is to define your future.
Develop respect for each other… respect between individuals makes for a strong and united people.
Develop clear lines of communication between parents and children…there must be clear understanding so true love can exist.
Develop firm objectives and a goal for yourself… to plan today is to be aware of where you are going tomorrow.
Develop and define the role of Man and role of Woman.
Develop a strong base of unity and keep it solid.
Develop your knowledge of Afrakan history and basic educational skills… education is the key link to economic strength.
Develop clear understanding to politics… therefore ideologies and philosophies can be better defined.
Develop discipline and control for lust, desire, and sheer materialism of things.
Develop your home (Afraka) land of origin… for without a home these commandments cannot flourish to their fullest potential.
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