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Sons and Daughters of Africa (SADA), Inc. is an Africanization society non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation devoted to the unification of African people in the Diaspora and on the African continent who have been subjected to over 500 years of slavery and colonization. We will help African people to raise our level of consciousness through the study and restoration of African spiritual systems, values, culture, history, and ways of life in order to improve the mental, physical and spiritual conditions of our people.


The purposes for which the Corporation is organized are:

A. Africa for All Africans: Those at Home and those Abroad

1. To seek the universal acceptance of the fact that Africa belongs to all African descendants living on the continent or living abroad, either by accident of history-SLAVERY-the great holocaust or by choice-recent immigrants and their families.

2. (a) To unite the descendants of Africa and acquire Africa dual citizenship. (b)To provide free holistic health care. (c) To raise, receive and administer funds for reestablishing our own educational institutions, businesses, economic development and technological advancement.

3. (a) To raise the level of CONSCIOUSNESS of the AFRICAN DESCENDANTS to one of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE AFRICAN RACE and other races. It is self evident that GOD created man in His Own Image of: BLACK, RED, YELLOW AND WHITE images, for His Own Glory, that all men: the Black man, the Red man, the Yellow man and the White man are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights. (b) To cooperate, promote, and forma alliances with other organizations having similar goals and objective as SADA.

4. We the descendants of Africa will never allow the Caucasian race or any other race to ever again turn the African Race into chattels or perpetual consumers only. We will mobilize all Africans for the purposes of becoming PRODUCERS OF GOODS AND SERVICES, under RAY CHARLES economic theory which provides that "them that get". " You are supposed to have something before you can get something, how you get the first is a mystery to me".

5. We are dedicated to improving the physical and spiritual conditions of all African peoples through the study and restoration of the African personality, African Culture and ways of life in other to improve our understanding of the "PEOPLES' ACTIVITIES".

B. Forward Ever, Backward Never, Africans Must Unite.

6. To document and teach the true PERSONALITIES OF THE AFRICANS in all the shades of the black color as being manifested in different countries of the world; the clothing and daily lives of the AFRICANS in the traditional dresses, hairdos, etc.

7. To establish a bureau of African Languages. To research, document, promote and teach AFRICAN LANGUAGES to all the diaspora Africans who have lost the knowledge of their Africa languages as a result of slavery-the great holocaust and its consequences.

8. To research, compile, teach and disseminate the traditional songs-social, cultural rites, religious, war, peace and other songs; proverbs, stories, and others so as to preserve what we inherited from our ancestors.

9. To compare and contrast differences between the African traditional religion and foreign religions and their effects on societies.

10. To promote communication between U.S.A. and the rest of the world especially Africa and African peoples; to show and to teach the descendants of Africa in the Americas and elsewhere, their roots through cultural undertakings as being practiced by the several African Societies in the Americas, and to link such practices to the people on the continent of Africa so as to preserve the CONTINUITY, IDENTITY and DIRECTION of the African Race. (SAURA 103).

11. To make sure that each Diaspora African is given a home, a tongue-language, an opportunity to belong to a country and a language in Africa so that they can possess dual citizenship to enable them to use their acquired western knowledge for the development of Africa. (EZRA 2:1).

12. To participate in the establishment of the International Institute of Languages so as to preserve and to perpetuate the various languages in the world, a manifestation of GOD, as represented in the United Nations. To preserve the various sounds in the world languages.

13. To promote the works of African Union (AU) and the works of the United Nations (U.N).

14. To celebrate the Independence of Nations and world Institutions such as the U.N and AU, as a means of fostering the human pride for INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

15. To celebrate the Month of May as the Africa Liberation month and May 25, as the Day for the Liberation of the Descendants of Africa from European slavery, colonialism and imperialism.

16. To celebrate June as the month of the African Child and June 16, as the day of the African Child in commemoration of the 1976 Massacre of School Children in Sweto, South Africa and to remember all the children of the Descendants of Africa.

17. To celebrate August as the month for the Re-Unification of the Descendants of Africa month and August 29, as the day for the Re-Unification of the Descendants of Africa and a memorial day.

18. To promote the works of the FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA so as to influence and to give legitimacy to the works of the FOUNDING FATHERS OF OAU-AU, in other to bring about the Federation of the African States and eventually Union Government-United States of Africa.

18A. To present and demonstrate to the world the true picture of African philosophy and religion as being manifested in all forms of worship, and life thereby showing succinctly the contributions African descendants have made towards the progress of human civilization in science, music, sports, and all human achievements.

19. To foster the spirit of CONTINENTAL PRIDE IN ALL AFRICANS-those at home and those abroad.

20. To compile and disseminate information on immigration and naturalization laws of the United States of America, and the rest of the world so that those AFRICANS who desire to travel either to Africa or to the Americas will be better informed. To serve as sponsor and facilitator to those Africans who desire to study either in Africa or anywhere else in the world.

21. To encourage the United States of America Government to set up a Marshall Plan to enable African Americans to participate in the economic development of Africa.

22. To cooperate with organizations having similar aims and goals as the Corporation.

23. To receive and administer funds for educational, arts business, economic, social, historical and technological purposes for the benefit of mankind and Africans, and for the economic development of the African people.

24. To take and hold, by bequest, devise, gift, purchase, or lease for such objects and purposes or any of them, any property, real, personal or mixed, without limitation as to amount or value, except such limitations, if any as may be imposed by law.

Send all your gifts and Tax deductible contributions to SADA 2509 22nd Street NE, Washington, DC 20018-2121


The Sons and Daughters of Africa, Inc. will mobilize African people worldwide to form the United States of Africa based on ancient Khamitic spiritual principles that truly cultivates human potential and governs all aspects of society.


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