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Kofi Agyapong & Wife Dr. Kofi Agyapong & Wife( Carolyn )

    Washington, D.C. First written August 29, 1970
    Modified: August 29, 1996.and August 3, 2011

    Dear African,

    This letter is on behalf of the Sons and Daughters of Africa, (SADA), a Washington, D.C., Tax-Exempt, 501(C)(3) Corporation. SADA promotes the concept of dual citizenship: " Africa for Africans those at home and those abroad" as announced by Obenfo Marcus Garvey, Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Omowale W.E. B.Duois and Obibini Frederick Douglass and all the gallant men and women; is real and unless the Diaspora Africans and the continental Africans build an organization similar to those of Europeans to promote better communications, the spirit of good will, better understanding, brotherhood and sisterhood as descendants of Africa for our posterity, we shall live in vain and pretend as if all is well with us.

    Mr. Steven S. Rosenfeld writing in the Washington Post on January 28, 1977 on the famous ABC TV program on Mr. Alex Haley's ROOTS said: "....Blacks (African-Americans and Caribbean) have a heritage in Africa and experience in is impossible to see one wrenching scene of "ROOTS" after another without coming to understand that the connection of Blacks and Caribbean to Africa is as direct and legitimate if not yet as strongly asserted as the connection of Anglo-Saxons to West Europe, Slavs to East Europe or Jews to Israel. Blacks (Diaspora Africans) need not make apology for manifesting an "ethnic" concern for their ancestral peoples (Continental Africans) in Africa" AFRICANS MUST UNITE!!!

    Yes, we are the Africans, the descendants of the great Pharaohs, we built the pyramids and introduced the world to sciences, religion and history, but modern history has been a bitter pill for us to swallow. Our Africanity has been turned into British Africans, French Africans, Portuguese Africans, European Africans, Russian-Blacks, Chinese Blacks, Blacks, South American-Blacks, Caribbean Blacks, Coloreds, Afros, Negroes and etc. We are all of the above because of chattel slavery. We are the Africans indeed.I am proposing that every living African should get to know, Obenfo Marcus Garvey and other Africans who have worked to bring us thus far on the way.

    It was only in 1957 that Ghana the first Black African nation to attain independence; and in 1994 South Africa and 2011 S. Sudan that the last African nations were freed from chattel slavery. Examine your own life and see if you have done enough to abate our silent tears. If our nations have been as old as the U.S.A., may be you and I can take for granted our need to form an Organization such as SADA. For the first time in over 500 years the descendants of Africa are living together from different parts of the world. I am therefore soliciting for your membership in SADA. Thank you and God bless you. Visit FORWARD EVER BACKWARDS NEVER

    Kofi Agyapong

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